Two Questions for Law Schools About the Future Boundaries of the Legal Profession

From Elizabth Chambliss' NYLS Legal Studies Research Paper:

A better strategy is to focus on lowering the cost of the unified J.D. degree, at least in part by making it shorter, while continuing to experiment with specialized forms of pre-and post-J.D. training. These specialized forms could include both integrated and stand-alone programs offered by law schools–such as clinics, certificate programs, [FN99] executive education, and the LL.M.–as well as interdisciplinary, proprietary, [FN100] and for-profit programs at both the pre- and post-J.D. levels. Such a framework would increase flexibility for students, law schools, and employers, and promote collaboration and competition between law schools and other training providers. Moreover, embracing competition within these boundaries might help to stave off more radical proposals to eliminate the J.D. requirement altogether. [FN101] . . .See Hans Bader on Abolish Law School Requirement, Keep the Bar Exam?, Truth on the Market (April 20, 2011) http://