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Jobs, Internships and Fellowships

Full-Time Positions:

President and CEO
The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a non-profit public policy organization dedicated to advancing the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and individual liberty, seeks a President and CEO to lead one of the premier research and advocacy organizations in the free market movement. The President will be charged with heading a feisty and collegial staff of 40 in promoting free-market solutions to overregulation. He or she will be responsible for developing and implementing a strategic vision for CEI, and will oversee all aspects of its operations, such as personnel, external relations, and most especially fundraising. View the full job description here.

Government Relations Manager
The Competitive Enterprise Institute is seeking an accomplished government relations professional to help expand its outreach capability on Capitol Hill and manage its coalition efforts. This position will work closely with members of the communications and policy teams to build relationships with external allies, assist with issue-advocacy campaigns, and drive outreach strategies to increase awareness of CEI’s work among federal, state and local lawmakers. View the full job description here.


The CEI intern program seeks to help interested undergraduates, recent college graduates, and graduate students learn about the ideas of liberty and help to promote them by pairing them with a member of CEI’s policy, development, media, or administrative staff. 

Schedule of Terms
Summer: June-August
Applications Due: April 15

Fall: September-December
Applications Due: July 31

Spring: January-May
Applications Due: November 30

How to Apply for the CEI Internship Program

Contact: Richard Morrison,

Policy interns are assigned to work with one or two policy analysts for the duration of their internship.  Interns have the opportunity to research important policy issues and are expected to have strong writing, research, and analytical skills. The cover letter should detail what the student wants to gain from an internship at CEI.

Experiences Offered
Interns participate in public policy research in one of CEI many issue areas. In addition to policy research, CEI offers internships in communications, video, development, operations, and Web and IT.

CEI offers both paid and unpaid internships. Upon being interviewed, exceptional applicants may be offered a stipend. Internships for which the student receives academic credit are always unpaid.

Unfortunately, CEI is unable to provide interns with housing. However, interns have several options in addition to independently finding rental units. Washington Intern Student Housing provides year-round housing for interns, and Georgetown UniversityThe George Washington University, and American University offer summer intern housing.

Application Materials
Submit your resume, a cover letter, and a brief writing sample as a single PDF attachment to

Warren T. Brookes Journalism Fellowship:

CEI is no longer accepting applications for the Warren Brookes Journalism Fellowship. Thank you! 

About Warren T. Brookes

During his 16 years with the Boston Herald and the Detroit News, and as a nationally-syndicated columnist, Warren T. Brookes, in the words of Thomas Bray of the Detroit News, "made a virtual career out of questioning the conventional wisdoms of the so-called experts." He "delighted precisely in the unconventional wisdom, not only about economics but also about a wide range of subjects."

Warren Brookes and CEI had a special relationship, sharing information and trading the woeful tales that inevitably arise from working in Washington. After Brookes' death in 1991, CEI established the Warren T. Brookes Fellowship to keep his legacy alive. Through the program, CEI identifies and trains talented young people and experienced journalists who wish to improve their knowledge of environmental issues and free market economics. In this manner, the program seeks to perpetuate Brookes' tradition of reporting from a sound scientific and economic perspective. 

Current Fellow

Carrie Sheffield is the 2015 Warren Brookes Journalism Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. She is a columnist and broadcaster in Manhattan. An online contributor with Forbes, she is a regular guest on national television and radio shows.

Former Fellows

2014-2015 - Carrie Sheffield
2013-2014 - Bill Frezza
2012-2013 - Matthew Melchiorre
2011-2012 - Matt Patterson
2010-2011 - Kathryn Ciano
2009-2010 - Ryan Young
2008-2009 - Silvia Santacruz
2007-2008 - Lene Johansen
2006-2007 - Jeremy Lott
2005-2006 – Timothy Carney
2004-2005 - John Berlau
2003-2004 - Neil Hrab
2002-2003 - Hugo Gurdon
2001-2002 - Eileen Ciesla-Norcross
2000-2001 - Sean Paige
1999 - Brian Doherty
1997-1998 - Jesse Walker
1996 - James Bovard 
1995 - Michelle Malkin
1994 - Michael Fumento 
1993 - Ronald Bailey