CEI Commends Trump’s Choice of Larry Kudlow for Top Economic Post


President Trump is expected to name Larry Kudlow as director of the National Economic Council this week. Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) experts commend Trump for selecting an adviser with deep knowledge of trade, tax, energy, and regulatory policy issues.

CEI senior fellow John Berlau:

“Kudos to President Donald Trump for making an excellent choice in appointing Larry Kudlow as chairman of the National Economic Council. Kudlow understands business on both Main Street and Wall Street, and grasps the harsh impact of both excessive taxation and overregulation on America’s investors, consumers, and entrepreneurs. He has not been afraid to call out politicians of both parties for enacting flawed policies such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, signed by President George W. Bush, that quadrupled accounting costs for many companies.

“Kudlow has also been a fierce critic of protectionism and supporter of free trade, a position that contrasts with recent actions of the Trump administration. May President Trump and members of Congress heed Kudlow’s knowledge and wisdom on trade, taxes and regulation.”

CEI senior fellow Marlo Lewis

“Larry Kudlow is a rock solid supporter of free-market policy ideas. He understands that risk takers need to be able to have confidence in President Trump’s commitment to protecting them from punitive taxes and regulations. Larry is also a strong proponent of affordable energy, and we hope he will continue to support Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, as well as shoot down any mischief—like a carbon tax—that is incompatible with the president’s pro-growth, energy agenda.”

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This post was updated on March 14, 2018.