CEI Launches Labor Policy Congressional Scorecard

Washington, D.C., March 15, 2011 — The Competitive Enterprise Institute has released the first set of grades from the new CEI Labor Policy Congressional Scorecard. The grades reflect how Members of Congress have voted on key labor legislation. CEI policy analysts update the scorecard in real time after each relevant vote. The purpose of the scorecard is to allow taxpayers to track where their Representatives and Senators stand on matters that affect worker freedom.

Current grades for Members of the House of Representatives are based on votes on the following amendments to H.R. 1:

• De-funding the National Labor Relations Board – Rep. Price of Georgia Amendment No. 410

• Prohibit Funding for Project Labor Agreements – Rep. Guinta of New Hampshire Amendment No. 166

• Prohibit use of Prevailing Wage – Rep. King of Iowa Amendment No. 273

Future grades will be based on proposed pro-worker legislation highlighted on CEI’s labor website, WorkPlaceChoice.org, such as the National Right to Work Act, Public Employee Pension Transparency Act, Restoring Democracy in the Workplace Act, and Secret Ballot Protection Act.

The updated scorecard is presented in full on WorkPlaceChoice.org. For comments from CEI Labor Policy Counsel Vincent Vernuccio or Labor Policy Analyst Ivan Osorio, contact Nicole Ciandella in the CEI Media Department at [email protected] or 202-331-2773.