Congress Should Work With Trump Administration to Reduce Regulatory Barriers to COVID-19 Recovery


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduced a proposed fourth COVID-19 recovery package that would spend roughly $3 trillion but contains no significant regulatory relief.

Director of CEI’s Center for Energy and Environment Myron Ebell said:

“The good news in House Democrats’ latest spending package is that it contains no green energy boondoggles.  The bad news is that it does contain giveaways to a long list of other special interests. Adding another $3 trillion to the trillions Congress has already spent would ensure future taxpayers will be paying the bill for decades to come.

“Instead, Congress and the Trump Administration should work together to deliver badly needed regulatory relief to the American people. In the energy sector, onerous permitting requirements should be repealed to allow producers to invest in energy infrastructure projects and expensive and unnecessary state mandates for wind, solar and other unproven technologies should be abandoned. Getting rid of ‘never needed’ regulations like these will help Americans recover from the current crisis and be prepared for the next one.”