EPA’s Renewable Fuel Standard Proposal Ushers in Uncertainty

Today the EPA announced its Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) proposal, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute takes a look at the heart of the issue:

Marlo Lewis, CEI senior fellow said:

"Let’s not forget why the EPA will be two years late finalizing RFS mandates for 2014 and a year late finalizing mandates for 2015. The RFS sets biofuel blending targets that increasingly diverge from market realities. The lawmakers who expanded the RFS in 2007 believed its 15-year production quota schedule would facilitate long-term business planning, allowing all participants to understand their obligations and opportunities long in advance. The scheme backfired. The EPA now sets – or fails to set – blending targets on an ad hoc basis.

"Moreover, the EPA’s decision – or indecision – is ‘informed’ by intense interest-group lobbying and election-cycle political calculation. Instead of building a predictable market, the RFS has ushered in a reign of regulatory uncertainty. Another testament to the folly of centralized planning."

Myron Ebell, director of CEI's Center for Energy and Environment, also pointed out:

"The hypocrisy here is that refiners have to follow the rules retroactively, but the EPA doesn’t have to follow the rules at all."

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