House Passes Save Local Business Act

The House today passed the Save Local Business Act, which would protect small businesses and jobs nationwide. Passed by 242 to 181 margin, the bill would relieve job creators from near-unlimited liability and uncertainty caused by National Labor Relations Board changes to rules on when two businesses are held jointly liable for workplace rules and policies. Competitive Enterprise Institute policy analyst Trey Kovacs praised today’s bipartisan vote.

The House has done its part to save small business opportunities and jobs by passing the Save Local Business Act (H.R. 3441), restoring longtime labor rules on when two businesses would be held jointly liable for workplace rules and policies. Now it’s time for the Senate to pass this legislation, too. Small businesses nationwide must be spared from this vast, uncertain liability that threatens a wide range of business practices, like setting up apprenticeship programs, implementing corporate social responsibility initiatives, and working with contractors and franchise business owners.

Next, the Senate must pass the bill and send to the president for signing.

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