Deregulating Abundance with Alec Stapp

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Free the Economy is a new podcast from the Competitive Enterprise Institute focused on how we all can become happier, healthier, and wealthier in a world with less government control. We believe in a voluntary society, where consent rather than force governs human interactions. And while the economy we have now offers many opportunities for financial success and self-fulfillment, we know we can do even better.

In episode 1, we talk about creating a free-market agenda for Congress in 2023, the myth of stagnating wages, debates over ESG investing, and the future of the Federal Trade Commission. This week’s interview is with Institute for Progress co-founder and co-CEO Alec Stapp. Alec joins us to discuss energy, environmental policy, housing, and how regulatory reform can help create an “abundance agenda” for the United States.

Thanks for listening - you can also follow and interact with the show on Twitter. Free the Economy is hosted by Richard Morrison. Our producers are Scooter Schaefer and Phoebe Gersten. Our technical advisor is Ryan Lynch. Our music was designed Taiga Sound Production and our logo was created by Scorpion 6. Free the Economy will be off the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day, so Episode 2 will be coming to you in January. We’ll see you then.