#NeverNeeded Regulation Report: White House Can Speed Up COVID-19 Recovery by Cutting Regulations without Congress


WASHINGTON, DC — While Congress has already passed three bills providing trillions of dollars in government funds for COVID-19 relief and this week the House proposed spending $3 trillion more, partisan gridlock stands in the way of legislation aimed at helping the recovery in other ways. In a new paper released today, CEI Vice President for Policy Wayne Crews outlines several deregulatory measures the White House could take without Congress that would help COVID-19 relief immediately.

“It is no surprise that the only bipartisan action Congress is able to take is spending trillions of taxpayer dollars, even though several deregulatory measures would help our recovery immediately,” said Crews. “Since Congress won’t reform the regulatory state, President Trump should pick up his pen, phone and his eraser to repeal or suspend rules that get in the way of recovery from COVID-19 and institute a freeze on all new regulations.”

Crews outlines criteria for identifying regulations that impede response to the COVID-19 crisis, focusing particularly on rules that: slow distribution of proven medical tests and diagnostics, block patients’ access to medical providers, increase the cost of energy when Americans can least afford it, make it more difficult to hire employees, add complexity to legal compliance, or block access to capital for consumers or businesses.

Recommendations for executive action include:

  • Remove and suspend existing regulations.

  • Institute a freeze on new regulations.

  • Require both chambers of Congress to approve new significant rules.

  • Add sunset provisions to regulations.

View the report: Pen, Phone, and Eraser?