CEI and FreedomWorks Foundation Intervene to Protect Faster Dishwashers and Consumer Choice


The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) and the FreedomWorks Foundation intervened today in lawsuits from eco-groups and their allies seeking to overturn a Department of Energy (DOE) rule allowing consumers to purchase more effective dishwashers. CEI and FreedomWorks Foundation are attempting to save the ability of consumers to choose to purchase faster and more effective dishwashers.

At the request of CEI, the Energy Department created rules to allow consumers to purchase faster dishwashers that clean and dry in under an hour. The time dishwashers took to complete a cycle had previously doubled to over 2 hours due to federal regulations prior to this change. It turns out that half of all Americans often or always wash by hand because their dishwasher takes too long. This causes substantially more water and energy usage than a 1-hour dishwasher.

Several eco-groups and “progressive” attorneys’ general filed lawsuits seeking to stop faster dishwashers.

CEI, along with FreedomWorks Foundation, today filed motions to intervene in those lawsuits to preserve the consumer choice these 1-hour dishwashers will offer Americans.

“Our government was created to protect rights of the American public, and that includes the right of consumers to choose the type of dishwasher they want. While these eco-groups and their supporters may be able to afford to dine-out regularly, many Americans cook at home and like fast dishwashers that clean well. No longer should people be wasting water and energy cleaning by hand because their dishwasher isn’t fast enough,” said CEI Attorney Devin Watkins.

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