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Michael S. Greve


Michael S. Greve

Board Member And Adjunct Analyst

Michael Greve is an adjunct scholar at CEI, where he works most closely with CEI’s project on Internet policy, specializing in the debate over the taxation of on-line commerce and its implications for the future of federalism.
Dr. Greve is also a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

His research and writing cover American federalism and its legal, political, and economic dimensions.
Previously, Dr. Greve founded and directed the Center for Individual Rights, a public-interest law firm. CIR has served as counsel in many precedent-setting constitutional cases, including United States v. Morrison, an important federalism case recently decided by the United States Supreme Court in favor of CIR.

Dr. Greve earned his PhD in government from Cornell University in 1987. He has written widely on constitutional and administrative law, environmental policy, civil rights, and federalism. He is co-editor, with Fred L. Smith, of Environmental Politics: Public Costs, Private Rewards (1992); the author of The Demise of Environmentalism in American Law (1996); and, most recently, the author of Real Federalism: Why It Matters, How It Could Happen (1999).



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