CEI’s work on health care examines both the supply of and demand for health services and technology, as well as the availability and financing of health insurance and government health programs. Consumers benefit from choice, competition, and innovation in the health care sector. And policies that embrace patient responsibility and control over health care spending result in higher quality and lower prices than one-size-fits-all government rules. So, our experts promote deregulation of the market for health services, health care technology, and health insurance.

For over three decades, CEI has advocated health care reforms that put more power in the hands of consumers to choose their health providers, treatment protocols, and scope of insurance coverage. We have advocated reform of the Food and Drug Administration’s drug and device approval process to allow for greater flexibility and patient choice. And in 2013, CEI organized the court challenges to Obamacare’s exchange subsidies that concluded with the Supreme Court’s King v. Burwell decision.

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The Hill

A Legacy Litigated

Here’s the thinking behind the lawsuit, funded in part by the conservative Competitive Enterprise Institute. The problem, apparently, is a drafting…

Health and Safety


Obamacare: Anyone Have a Plan B?

In just a few week the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments regarding the legal challenges to the administration's controversial health-care overhaul, especially the constitutionality of the so-called "individual mandate" that requires every American to purchase government-approved insurance. The…


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