Wall Street Journal

“The Many Abuses of Lina Khan’s FTC”

The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board discusses FTC Chair Lina Khan’s continued departure from antitrust norms in light of Commissioner Wilson’s plans to resign from…

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A look ahead at ESG in 2023

Competitive Enterprise Institute senior fellow predicts larger government role in shaping ESG policies.   Other 2023 forecast pieces have made predictions based not just on calendar…

Wall Street Journal

“Lina Khan Chalks Up Another Defeat”

The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board discussed the FTC’s recent loss in its challenge to block Meta’s acquisition of the VR app developer, Within Unlimited.

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Voters who think that putting Republicans in control of the House and Senate will make a big difference for the economy are in for a rude awakening. President Joe Biden has unleashed the regulatory Leviathan. Lawmakers will be hard-pressed to stop the damage.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI) just this morning released its hugely valuable report called “10,000 Commandments,” which is a compendium of the regulatory state. In it,…

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