Free the Economy Episode 15: Eco-Modernism and Abundance with Alex Trembath

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In this week’s episode of the Free the Economy podcast, we talk about the likelihood of blue state bailouts, issues with “everything bagel liberalism,” news of free enterprise scholarship at Alabama’s Troy University, and the trials and tribulations of the Buy Nothing movement. Our interview this week is with Alex Trembath of the Breakthrough Institute. We discuss the meaning of eco-modernism, opportunities for creating an abundance agenda in the U.S., gradualism vs. dramatic change in public policy, and the extent to which we should relying on advice from establishment experts.

On this week’s show I also recommended the work of Prof. James Otteson of Notre Dame University’s Mendoza School of Business regarding ethical conduct in the business world. My reviews of two of his recent books are here: Honorable Business: A Framework for Business in a Just and Humane Society (2019) and Seven Deadly Economic Sins Obstacles to Prosperity and Happiness Every Citizen Should Know (2021).

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