An over-regulated energy sector results in less wealth and fewer well-paying jobs for Americans. U.S. businesses need affordable energy to compete in the global marketplace. The Competitive Enterprise Institute advocates for policies to keep energy abundant, affordable, and competitive. Carbon fuels—coal, oil, and natural gas—provide 80 percent of U.S. energy and 87 percent of global energy. They are the world’s dominant energy sources because, in most markets, they beat the alternatives in both cost and performance.

For decades, CEI has opposed regulatory overreach from the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies that put undue costs on energy industries and consumers. These include President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, which would have increased consumer electricity prices without having any discernible effects on climate change. CEI’s research and policy proposals were instrumental in President Trump’s repeal of the CPP.

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Nipping Jobs in the Bud

As the American economy continues to stumble along, a few bright spots have appeared in the otherwise dim employment picture. The mining and extraction industries…



Durban Treaty: Doomed to Failure?

In 1997, history was made when 37 nations committed themselves to the only binding climate agreement to date, the Kyoto Protocol but in December of…



Green Crony Capitalism

"Green" jobs Created by the stimulus are shutting down after the public money has dried up. CEI Senior Fellow Chris Horner explains how many jobs would…

Banking and Finance 9 1 2011.pdf

Bureaucrats Have Gone Rogue

G.O.P. presidential candidates should emphasize that reining in the E.P.A. is a constitutional imperative. Yes, Americans are worried about jobs and the economy, but arguing…

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Costly Red Tape for Energy Providers

CEI Senior Fellow Chris Horner explains that when the EPA tries to impose stricter emissions rules on energy companies, the costs are transferred to the…


New York Post

Obama’s War on Coal

  President Obama claims to see the need to create jobs at this time of endless 9-plus percent unemployment — yet his administration continues to…


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