In the United States, the rise of automobility has had a profound positive impact on economic opportunity and prosperity, particularly among historically disadvantaged groups such as women and minorities. CEI has long championed access to affordable automobility by advancing regulations that allow and improve access while opposing regulations that would restrict it, such as through our court victories against fuel economy regulators who were failing to take vehicle safety into account. More recently, we have championed adaptive regulation that will make the promise of autonomous vehicles a reality sooner than more restrictive versions.


Air travel and rail transport were early examples of deregulation bringing huge benefits to consumers and industries. Yet automobility, air travel, and freight rail, are increasingly threatened with further regulation that will reduce their ability to transport goods and people. CEI opposes these attacks by arguing for greater freedom in mobility and opposing perverse transportation industry regulations.

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More Idignant Missives

Politico mentions CEI's stance on the FAA drone registry rules in the morning transportation update.   The Competitive Enterprise Institute writes to the Federal…


The Philadelphia Inquirer

Route to the Future

The Philadelphia Inquirer discusses the efficiency of trolley systems with Marc Scribner. Marc Scribner, research fellow with the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a Washington-based free-market…

Rail and Mass Transit


CEI Challenges TSA Body Scanner Policy

  • No. 15-1224
  • Court Level: Appellate

On July 15, 2015, the Competitive Enterprise Institute filed a lawsuit against the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for violating the law by deploying body scanners…


Legal Brief


At issue in this case is TSA’s multi-year failure to complete its…


The Washington Post

Streetcar Fatigue

In the Washington Post, CEI's Marc Scribner discusses "streetcar fatigue" and the quagmire surrounding Washington, D.C.'s H Street Streetcar project:  Marc Scribner,…

Rail and Mass Transit


Free to Prosper

With the start of the 114th Congress comes a fresh opportunity to address the challenges created by a broken government. To kick off this new…

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