Regulation after COVID-19

The CATO Institute cites CEI on #neverneeded regulations: Many of these regulations have no sound public justification whether in or outside of an…

Health and Safety

National Review

Them the People

National Review cites senior fellow Iain Murray on democratic socialism: Murray, talking about his forthcoming book The Socialist Temptation at a CEI event in New Orleans, describes the inherent tension…

Business and Government


Morning Transportation

Politico cites CEI’s coalition letter to Congress on the STB revenue adequacy hearing: A coalition of free market groups, led by the Competitive…


The Heartland Institute

Trump Says Goodbye to Paris

The Heartland Institute cites Director of the Center for Energy and Environment Myron Ebell on the Paris agreement: Arguably, for America’s sovereignty and…



5G Is the Future

Reason cites Associate Director for Technology and Innovation Jessica Melugin on 5G: But without a T-Mobile/Sprint merger, wireless customers might have been left…

Tech and Telecom