From foods and agriculture, to pharmaceuticals and medical care, to consumer products and automobile safety, few policy issues are as important to the public as the regulation of health and safety. People often rely on government regulators to assure the safety and quality of many of the products they use and consume, but government regulation can often compromise safety, quality, affordability, and choice if it focuses on a fear-driven activist agenda rather than basic principles of science and risk-balancing. Too often, the government’s regulatory agenda favors politically expedient outcomes over those that would actually promote safety and availability. Safety and health regulations should be designed with maximum flexibility to allow producers to use the production methods and labeling information that best meets their customers’ demands.

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City Journal

Death By Policy

Many years ago, one of my duties as a young surgical intern was to fill out death certificates for recently deceased patients. Under “cause of death,” Part…

Health and Safety

National Review

Let the Doctors Work

Buried in the recent announcement by the Bureau of Economic Analysis that real gross domestic product (GDP) decreased at an annual rate of 4.8 percent in the first…

Health and Safety


Regulation after COVID-19

The CATO Institute cites CEI on #neverneeded regulations: Many of these regulations have no sound public justification whether in or outside of an…

Health and Safety